We are reliable

We know that in an organization the interest of the business must always take precedence over individual interests and, therefore, we seek to act proactively, thinking about what will be most beneficial for the company, for the client and for the business as a whole.

We look for the whim in what we do. We do our best and deliver nothing with the bare minimum. We know that meeting deadlines, schedules and agreed commitments is essential

Instead of waiting for someone to do something, we suggest solutions and have a positive attitude in the face of adversity, believing that things will get better. We avoid contaminating the environment with negative comments and ignore gossip. We take care of our work environment and our people, guiding colleagues when we observe a misaligned attitude.


  • We have a sense of urgency
  • We do our best
  • We comply with the agreement
  • We are optimistic
  • We are transparent

We are collaborative

We celebrate our achievements and we know that it was the effort of everyone together that allowed us to achieve them. That's why WE are much stronger than ME.

We want to work with people who care about helping their colleagues, inside and outside the company.

Cordiality must permeate relations between the team and with all our stakeholders. Respect must be above factors such as age, religion, skin color, sexual orientation, social and political condition

No one here is more special than the other. We are available and humble to teach what we know and, above all, we know how to ask for help when we are not sure. The dialectic is essential.

For us, it is essential to know how to ask for feedback and know how to listen without putting yourself in a defensive posture.


  • Team spirit
  • Availability to serve
  • We act with maturity
  • We are cordial

We are Efficient

Before executing something, we must make sure that it was planned so that the solution resolves the cause of the problem, as rework is the worst possible reality.

Using task management tools like PDCA, agendas and schedules are great allies to help organize what was planned.

We must have the discipline to finish what was started, following the indicators so as not to lose sight of the results that need to be achieved.

We understand that those of us who are most prepared receive the best opportunities. Seniority is important as it reaffirms the existing trust between the parties. But in the end, everyone is solely responsible for their own career and achieving better results depends on the size of their will. It is up to IONICS, as far as possible, to create a favorable context for individual evolution and, consequently, for all.

The quest to understand our customers' needs as well as they do and our intimacy with the IONICS solution will increasingly allow us to help them overcome their challenges, with the best possible service.

We aim at permanent growth and financial health, because while one is the guarantee of being alive, the other is the engine that guarantees our freedom to be able to innovate, make mistakes, succeed, and move forward.

We all need to seek to have the sensitivity to perceive and the intelligence to know what to do.


  • Planning and organization
  • Discipline
  • Customer and product knowledge
  • Will for results

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